Jul 12, 2023Liked by Jenna Park

I'm deathly afraid being in front of the camera on social media

I've already forgot about Threads! It's too much.

I'm good with insta, TikTok and Facebook groups. Enough already!

I want genuine real life authentic interactions 😄 iamnotarobot.

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I really wish I could’ve been there when you suddenly declared that you were indeed a YouTuber to the tour group 😂

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You brought up the dress! I felt some real nostalgia there and can vividly remember talking about this debate at my job at the time, bouncing around cubicle land discussing this.

I remember using TheFacebook when it was only offered to college students. Maybe it’s because I’m a geriatric millennial, or that I easily get overstimulated and sucked in, I’ve only really consistently used FB and IG. Is YT considered social media? My brain cannot handle more! I’m also sooo cognizant of how much I’m on my phone, a huge battle for me. I think I conquer it most of the time but I slip up a lot. It’s less phone time when I say FU to social media and create more boundaries.

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Jul 13, 2023Liked by Jenna Park

I'm here for a Gen-X anything!! i love to see my people, I believe we have a unique view on the world (doesn't every generation?) I haven't signed up for Threads at all. I heard that if you want to delete it, it will also delete your instagram? Not sure, but I have been doing Mastodon since I quit twitter and its so boring that maybe it will curb me of wanting to be on social media at all haha. I really get what you are saying about social media personas though..my twitter one was snarky and funny and that is where i went to get and give jokes. Instagram is like for seeing my cousin's baby and showing my aunts my own children when they let me.

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